The Reference puts the VRT in mobile beta

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

The VRT (Flemish Radio- and Television Network) launched today the mobile version of two websites, De Redactie.be and Sporza.be. Aside of reading the latest national, international and sport news, you can also search for older items with the internal search engine and even listen to the previous radio bulletins on your cell phone.

Both mobile websites are fully compatible with any device on the market and available now in open beta mode. It means they’re still early prototypes that the VRT publicly releases to get feed-back from “beta testers” (i.e. yourself) before official “go live”. If you want to share your own evaluation with the VRT team, feel free to join the two dedicated Google Groups (here and here). Each opinion will be collected, assessed and, if relevant, added to the final releases. For the first time in Belgium (and even in Europe?), an e-government project uses the beta mode to take the user experience into account.

These websites are the result of a collaboration between the VRT, Siruna (formerly known as Mobixx) and the new mobile competence center of The Reference. Stay tuned for other mobile projects very soon…

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