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When Emakina opens its doors

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Pierre de Nayer from Citobi often says there’s a gap on the job market between the offer (the profiles the agencies are looking for) and the demand (the job seekers who want to “work in the Internet industry”). I fully agree with his stance and, in my humble opinion, I also think part of the problem is young graduates simply don’t know the main interactive agencies and, more deeply, what an interactive agency is. It’s why this year, we participated to the OpenDoors operation organised by ACC to show that, yes, there’s actually a human being behind the computer.

During the last two weeks, we’ve welcomed a hundred students from the Ephec for a guided “tour” including a quick overview of our activities, a practical case presentation (VW EscapeTV), a chat with our Project Manager Benoit (who is also involved in the education & training task force at IAB) and, to round it off, a quick walk through our offices. Hope these visits in the backstage of our agency have made our business more “tangible” in the mind of these young people who are, after all, the future of the interactive industry. And maybe my next colleagues 😉 ?

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