Do you know Yunomi?

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

We rolled out this week Yunomi, the proud successor of the Life & Cooking platform that the Emakina.NL team has been running for years. Deployed in Belgium and The Netherlands simultaneously, Yunomi is a community by women and for women. Every day, users will find out relevant content that will help them to improve every aspect of their daily life: recipes, practical tips, ideas for the next holiday trip etc. Once registered on the website, you can react to the information, share your opinion with peers and even submit articles for your preferred section. Members can also collect Nomi’s, i.e. points you can trade for special gifts and exclusive events reserved to the Yunomi community.

Definitely one of the most ambitious projects we release this year and a great achievement for Unilever who accepted to follow us in this adventure after the success of Life & Cooking.


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