The User Agency

Today’s users are empowered to find, choose and share opinions about your brand. That’s why we focus on satisfying their desires and expectations. As user advocates, our talented experts work tirelessly on their behalf. Because we know that every interaction impacts the value they attach to it. So, it’s the timing, relevance and quality of the experience that gives it a competitive advantage.

We believe that happy users grow successful businesses.
Brice Le Blévennec, creator of Emakina

User equity

Relentless focus on
user equity

By designing and producing useful, original, seamless and memorable user experiences, we build loyalty with audiences. Beyond this, we support wider business ambitions, helping our clients to develop strategies and harness technology to drive their own growth and success.

Our own User Equity Model™ allows us to calculate and improve the return on investment (ROI) in the digital transformation of any company, brand, product or service.

Time waits for no one. That’s why we believe in constantly adapting to new technologies and nurturing the best talent. We inspire one another, sharing knowledge, challenging ourselves and feeding our creativity in ways that enrich our work and our lives.

Together with our clients, we are fulfilling the changing needs of users.

Our offices

The Emakina family keeps growing. Our full-service agencies are active in 15 countries in 3 continents, offering a wide range of expertise across a vast geographical area. We're always forging relationships and deepening our knowledge of markets around the world.

Our journey

Emakina was created in 2001 by the merger of three agencies with complementary expertise: Emalaya, NetAtWork, and Ex Machina. In 2006 it entered Alternext, Euronext's segment for growing SMEs.

This splash into the financial markets enabled Emakina's expansion, which started in 2007 with the acquisition of Belgian agencies The Reference, Design is Dead, and Your Agency, which have been part of the Emakina Group ever since. We’ve now spread across Europe, with agencies in the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Sweden, Croatia, Serbia and Poland. The Group has also settled in the Middle East and North America, with agencies in Dubai and New York.

In parallel, strong partnerships have been forged with major agencies and publishers around the world, further establishing Emakina as a top-tier global player in the industry.

Thanks to an ideal mix of creativity, technology expertise, and business acumen, Emakina has become the leading digital agency in Belgium, and one of the top 20 players in Europe. Its strong growth confirms Emakina Group's position as a first-grade digital agency in all its markets.

Big moments

Let’s rewind. We’ve been crafting user experiences for decades, and evolved along with changing expectations. Take a scroll through our back story 


Despite year starting with the development of a global pandemic, Emakina doesn’t lack behind and preserves competitiveness, client relationships and work ethic. Coincidentally, emakina.fm was founded which has additionally contributed to overcoming of whatever the Covid-19 brought.


Emakina launches Emakina Inside podcasts. The first half of 2019 new investments have been made in expanding the service range in the field of its marketplace activity, influencer marketing and e-commerce. Emakina.US starts operating.


There was further growth in Europe and Asia - with offices opened in Dubai and Singapore. Emakina tapped into influencer marketing, resulting in Emakina Influx being founded.


Emakina and Air joined force to create Air+Emakina, the most complete integrated marketing and communication offer on the market. Air Brussels was named Belgium’s leading independent agency.


Emakina was placed on #1 spot by Digimedia in the category of Top 100 Digital Agencies in Belgium and expanded to Sweden.


Emakina Insights was founded. Emakina.FR took a 100% stake in Paris-based Toy Agency. A year later, Emakina settled in Croatia.


Emakina announced a Strategic Partnership with Germany’s leader in digital communication, SinnerSchrader and continued its expansion. This time, the expansion tapped into Asia, with Relephant agency joining the family and becoming Emakina.TR.


Emakina forged alliances with other BE agencies (R&M and Troy). Shortly after, in 2012, Emakina began important strategic partnerships with Metia and Digital Jungle.


Emakina began its European expansion into the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. By this time, Emakina Group employed 200 people across Europe.


Emakina entered the Euronext Growth (former Alternext) — the segment of Euronext reserved for growing SMEs. This launch into the financial markets enabled the agency to expand in Europe.


Emakina and Emakina Group were created in 2001 through a merger of three existing agencies: Emalaya, NetAtWork, Ex Machina, who pooled their complementary expertise to create the 'Emakina' brand.


Newly founded Ex Machina was just one piece of the DNA that defines Emakina today. Additional pieces were two other agencies founded in the 90s, NetAtWork and Emalaya.


Emakina is the largest brand of Emakina Group, a global network of agencies. Our success is all thanks to our remarkable people. Teams of talented experts dare to think differently as they collaborate to serve the needs of clients.