The summer is making you thirsty?

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

We have the perfect solution! Sun, friends, live music and… drinks! That’s how we at Emakina prefer to enjoy the Belgian summer! That’s why every year we gather our employees and friends to the famous urban apéros, taking place once a week throughout the entire summer.

But this year, there’s more! In addition to the usual locations in St. Gilles and St. Job, a third apero party will take place in the commune of Rhode-Saint-Genèse which will open the season, next Wednesday, May 29. Apero(h)ode will feature live music of DJ Maya Cox, fresh croques monsieurs, home-made ice-cream and much much more!

What’s the Emakina-connection, you may (rightfully) ask? Well, if it’s not enough that we are always after fun activities, we also developed the event’s website…!





Photos by  Matthias Ghem

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