The unique French fashion brand, known for its avant-garde spirit, needed a refreshed platform to express the vision of its new designer. Emakina's multidisciplinary skills, capable of leading projects integrating UX design, UI and development, exceeded the client's expectations and helped Courrèges stand out in a competitive luxury fashion market. The site provides a fluid and immersive experience that greatly appeals to a young, independent and sophisticated clientele.

About Courrèges

Going digital to attract new customers

For the Courrèges house, clothing is not designed for an existing clientele, but made to create a new one. Yolanda Zobel, the new creator of the Courrèges house, wanted to assert this positioning and give the brand a new impetus in an increasingly dense luxury industry. She wanted to create a digital platform that was out of the ordinary and that would reach a young, independent and sophisticated clientele.

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