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EMAKINA chooses Emagine as a CMS partner for its internet projects


Thanks to a partnership with Emagine, EMAKINA extends its service offering in the area of CMS

E-business agency EMAKINA has signed a partnership contract with Emagine concerning the emagiC 2.1 solution. Emagine was founded by two former staff members of The Reference, as a company specialising in the development of content management tools. Thanks to this partnership EMAKINA is able to offer mid-market CMS solutions to medium-sized companies at an attractive price.

In the context of projects developed using emagiC 2.1, EMAKINA offers graphical concept creation, custom-made module implementation or hosting. Maintenance of the site at content level is provided by the client.

Why is this needed?

“The companies with which we are in contact do not all have the same needs or the same profile. Our offering in the area of CMS was still too limited. On the one hand we offered to develop custom-made CMS tools and, on the other hand we implemented top-quality solutions. For most medium-sized companies these solutions are too specific and the cost involved is too great in relation to their needs. We have now enlarged our offering by adding emagiC 2.1, a mid-market, high-performance CMS tool at a reasonable price. It is perfectly suited to meet the expectations of these companies.”, explains John Deprez, a partner at EMAKINA.

Technical details

Model internet project

EMAKINA recommends implementation of the emagiC 2.1 solution for medium-sized companies whose sites consist of a large number of static pages. This solution is suitable for sites with 150 to several thousand text pages with a simple workflow.

Key benefits

EMAKINA is always looking for ideal solutions for its clients, and has chosen emagiC 2.1 because of its many strong points:

  • flexibility, speed and price;
  • the importance which this solution attributes to browsing, content management and presentation (the tree structure can be modified);
  • multi-site: makes it possible to manage multiple sites or sub-sites through a single interface;
  • multilingual and multi-user;
  • templating: the user can choose a different template to give the page a new look & feel;
  • user-friendly interface: the (Microsoft style) icons are easily recognisable and give rise to rapid familiarisation with the product;
  • easy link management;
  • the solution does not require any technical knowledge (html etc.) on the part of the user;
  • editing cycle: check-out, edit, check-in, approve, publish
  • it is very simple and easy to create extranets;
  • security: integration of SSL, filtering by IP address etc.
  • uploading files in Word, Excel, PDF and any other file type;
  • basic statistics;
  • an open architecture making it possible to integrate any application.

    At the same time, emagiC 2.1 is also releasing a range of application modules (message board, newsflash, forum, dynamic menu, mail form, search etc.).

    Easy user interface

    The user operates through a unique browser. Depending on the rights allocated to him, he can create new pages, create links, alter a template or add photographs. In the context of extranets, the user is also able to define groups of users who will have access to one part or another.

    About Emagine

    Emagine was created in 2000 by Dave Vanwonterghem as a company specialising in the development of CMS solutions. Cedric Baelemans joined the company as business manager in 2001. From its base in Ghent, this company offers the emagiC 2.1 CMS solution as its flagship product.
    www.baiworld.com and www.vredeseilanden.org are two reference sites built using the emagiC CMS.

    About Emakina

    Founded in March 2001, the Emakina e-business agency includes the Web agency, Web integration and e-business consultancy services. The range of integrated services offered by Emakina has already attracted large companies such as D’Ieteren, Glaverbel, Coca-Cola, Manpower, Kraft Foods, Cora and Electrabel.

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