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Emakina launches Emakina/Agency

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Emakina announces the launch of Emakina/Agency, a new team that will focus on strengthening the brand management skills of the agency.

Emakina is a full-service Digital Native Agency that wants to build brand experiences that get the attention of consumers and incite them to interact with brands via a multitude of touchpoints (sites, applications, e-mail, social networks, television, radio,…).
The brands of today are the synthesis of all these experiences.

To meet this objective, a multidisciplinary and experienced team was put together. They are called Emakina/Agency. Strategic planners, planners, analysts, creative people and brand keepers will develop innovative brand experiences and make sure these experiences are coherently executed throughout all different communication channels.

Emakina/Agency will work in different fields: concepts, strategic brand advice, brand positioning, strategic planning, develop brand stories, create long-term dialogues with consumers etcetera.

Each brand will be managed by a brand keeper who will guide the client throughout all new media, will support him in his tactical choices and allow him to focus on his strategic objectives.

More information in our French and Dutch press release.

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