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EMAKINA redevelops FBBrokerage


FBBrokerage (FBB), the independent broker of FortisBank serving both professional and private customers decided it was time to provide a new website aligned with today’s technical standards subsequently improving usability and simplifying back end maintenance.

After careful consideration of existing products within the Fortis group, the decision was made to select the framework of Fortis’ business portal, www.fortisbusiness.com.

The imminent challenges addressed the current competitive environment:

  • How to present products and services intuitively to new and existing customers
  • How to simplify customer demands of online requests for offers
  • How to seamlessly integrate the electronic information resulting from online customer activity into the existing workflow
  • How to profit from synergy-effects through joint efforts (FortisBusiness.com)

Emakina, with its extensive background of the Fortis business portal, accepted this challenge with both hands. Through the analysis of the previous site and content, a usability format was devised in conjunction with a screen flow of creative and communication guidelines. The new format was used as the script for production of the new website.
The old site was re-branded while the navigation was simplified to improve usability. Customers are now able to browse the entire product catalogue more intuitively. At any time the customer can click the “Please contact me about this product” button.
Stipulated specialized requests for quotations are handled through a set of interactive forms encouraging customers to submit their specific needs. Submitted forms are then forwarded to corresponding internal departments in a customized format seamlessly integrating into FBB workflow. For example, a detailed car leasing inquiry is submitted, enabling an FBB broker to respond directly and more precisely to the customer’s needs avoiding the action to obtain additional information before providing FBB feedback.

Consequently a win-win scenario was achieved:

  • Customers can quickly navigate within the product catalogue
  • FBBrokerage can address customer needs directly and more accurately

As an added feature, topical articles written by financial experts will appear regularly ranging from insurance to related topics addressing today’s business challenges. These articles match a business need with a concrete Fortis solution. The strong partnership between FBBrokerage and FortisBusiness.com builds on its success as customers are more logically directed more to either site (or both), expanding the customer knowledge base of the Fortis Group range of financial solutions.

Our customers already anticipate the benefits of the new site, which charges our enthusiasm for the 2nd half of 2003.

About Emakina

Founded in March 2001, the Emakina e-business agency includes the Web agency, Web integration and e-business consultancy services. The range of integrated services offered by Emakina has already attracted large companies such as D’Ieteren, Glaverbel, Coca-Cola, Manpower, Kraft Foods, Cora and Electrabel.

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