Live blogging experience at IAB Net Café

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Yesterday evening, Inès Van Lautem organized a “live blogging” experience during the IAB Net Café on blogging & marketing. Six bloggers (Tom De Bruyne, Miel Van Opstal , Bert Van Wassenhove, Stijn Vercamer, Robin Wauters and myself) were asked to post in real time their thoughts about the the speakers’ presentations. The result is available on the IAB Efficiency blog. I’m not sure our collective contribution brings a lot of added value in itself. But, for the Net Café attendants who were unfamiliar with the new Web 2.0 galaxy, it clearly showed the power of user generated media.

Here’s the presentations podcast I recorded yesterday. Please be indulgent with this very raw material, I did not find the time yet to edit this audio file but I could not resist the temptation to publish the primary outcome (Robin Wauters has also put some significant speakers’ quotes on his blog). In order of vocal appearance: Alain Heureux (IAB Belgium), Patricia Boydens (i-Merge), Maarten Schenk (Six Apart – Typepad), Julie Opstaele (Belgacom Skynet), Gunter Boutsen (Fishtank), Jesse Wynants (i-Merge), Sven Marievoet (Adhese), Kris Hoet (Microsoft Belgium). The slides are downloadable on IAB Belgium website (Kris’ ones are especially worth reading).

Last but not least, check out the slideshow of the pictures I sent to my Proximus moblog.

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