Facq and Emakina join forces at Batibouw 2019

Facq and Emakina join forces at Batibouw 2019

Facq + Emakina/Motion

Reinvent energy efficiency showroom demos

Emakina/Motion helped the Belgian home renovation expert to bring tricky, technical options to life for its customers with a virtual reality showroom experience. Facq was so thrilled with the results that they requested a similar setup for Belgium’s über-popular building, renovation and decoration exposition, Batibouw.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video:

Save the planet (and some money)

It’s not easy to explain how to make your home and bathroom more energy and water efficient. And to make things more complicated, best-suited designs, systems and products will vary depending on the specific context of each project. Plus, you have to come to the point fast when sharing information, without being boring or too technical.

No worries… Facq has the right answers

Construction and renovation professionals have known this for years. After visiting the company’s stand at the 2019 Batibouw fair, lots of enthusiastic visitors now share this fact. They tried out Facq’s new augmented reality application made by Emakina, and found it crystal-clear and as refreshing as a cool summer shower!

Visit a green house in AR

Emakina took the informative Facq ‘Green house’ website as the starting point for the AR app. In close collaboration with Facq, the team created a practical AR tool that rapidly helps answer ecological questions.

Using a tablet, the user can see the economic, environmental and technical stakes for their project. The interactive app then guides you to the best eco-options and the next step to make them happen. The whole process is fluid, without becoming boring or overwhelming.

Multi-screen education

When you point the tablet at the model home on a display, complex content comes to life on three screens. Each screen shows different levels of information in real time, linked to the sanitary and heating topics you selected. The centre screen indicates your energy gain, on the left you see the key facts per solution type, while the right screen adds the product range for each solution type.

You can quickly switch your focus to another aspect, go through possible issues and their corresponding solutions, while navigating through the house. The app also adds some interesting extras to the content available online. It introduces new safety technologies, ranging from alarm security and water leak detection systems to smart thermostats.

After assessing the information, you can then select products on the tablet, to immediately receive new adapted data on the right screen. Once you have all the answers, you can select the solutions and products that fit your project and your choices are sent to you in a confirmation email.


‘This interactive AR-project became a reality after three creative meetings and three ‘work in progress’ production meetings with Emakina. After a successful try-out in one of our showrooms, we decided to give the app its top spot in our Batibouw stand”, says Pascale Curias, Marketing Manager at Facq.

“The combination of technology and ‘funification’ really worked. Besides the ‘wow effect’, the app matched our ambition to always guide our clients with clear and to-the-point information.”

And the story continues. Emakina will start redesigning the Facq green house website, to make it more interactive, add extra categories, and 3D animations. So on we go together, towards new digital (ad)ventures!