The European Commission

About the project

Involving Gen Z in the future of the EU

To create interest in the 2024 European Parliament election amongst young people, the European Commission asked Emakina to create an awareness campaign promoting the Conference of the Future of the EU digital platform. Three emotive films helped to fire up interest in this debate platform.

The challenge

The European Commission in Sweden needed help to launch The Conference on the Future of Europe digital platform in a way that invites a Gen Z audience to join the conversation. The platform is a hub that encourages citizen engagement on issues such as climate change and Covid-19. Emakina won the public tender by presenting a solid strategy and analysis that surveyed young people's attitudes towards the EU. 

Our solution

Working closely with experts from the European Commission, Emakina conducted tests and surveys to identify how young people perceive the EU as well as the global issues they are passionate about. Three major issues stood out: the climate crisis, Covid-19 and global justice. Emakina’s creative team had to conceptualise a campaign to communicate these issues to a younger audience in a way that resonated with them and made them feel like they are not alone in their concerns.

We created a series of three emotive films that aimed to capture the ‘current state of mind’ of the younger generation. The films also highlighted positive things that the EU is doing to address these issues – with a focus on real change and a call-to-action to join in the conversation.

The results

Not only did the films help young Europeans resonate with the issues that the Commission deals with, but they also produced tangible results for The Conference on the Future of Europe platform. With 51 929 registered participants on the digital platform, 21 814 comments on the issues discussed and 17 443 new ideas and initiatives shared – the overall results were outstanding.  

So successful was the campaign that the EU Commission in other member countries have expressed interest in adapting the films for their own national context. Emakina is proud to have worked with an essential government organisation to encourage Gen Z’s to address important issues affecting the future of Europe. 

  • 51000+
  • 21000+
  • 17000+
    ideas and initiatives shared