Air Canada

Founded in 1937, Canada’s largest airline has expanded to 207 destinations on five continents, flying 50 million passengers around the globe every year. Headquartered in Montréal, Air Canada is a founding member of Star Alliance – the world's largest global airline alliance. With over 30,000 employees worldwide, the company generated over 19 billion CAN$ in revenue (for 1.5 billion CAN$ net income) in 2019.

About Air Canada

Celebrating Canada’s art of living

Emakina's mission was to flip tourists’ perception of Canada on its head. Not just a place for long summer holidays, we wanted to boost low season ticket sales by positioning it as an ideal short city break. We did this by highlighting Canada’s exceptional quality of life, the positivity and warmth of its people, and that it’s an all-round great place to live in.

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