Dina Försäkringar

About the project

Boosting brand identity for one of Sweden's largest insurers

Our client is a group of six local insurance companies spread across Sweden, working together under the common brand Dina Försäkringar. With a heritage dating back to 1768, it’s the fifth largest non-life insurer in Sweden with both private and enterprise customers.

Despite its rich history, Dina Försäkringar remained a relatively unknown brand. We worked with them to create a new long-term concept, a unique brand world, and an awareness campaign across various platforms such as TVC, OLV, radio, display, and social media.

The challenge

Making a louder noise in the insurance world

A quieter presence in the market meant that potential customers often chose more well-known insurance companies. That's why they asked Emakina to create a new brand concept that would make Dina Försäkringar stand out in the minds of customers – and be clearer in its purpose.

Our solution

We wanted people to see Dina Försäkringar as a reliable insurance company with great service, expertise and happy customers.

We came up with the concept of the "The Insurance Lab" – a visually striking brand world, based on Dina Försäkringar's corporate culture and commitment to truly think about – and engage with – customers’ everyday lives. Ths is brought to life through the green test lab where all product and service development takes place. A selection of possible scenarios and claims are tested by the specially trained crew to find the best possible insurance solutions. To emphasise Dina Försäkringar’s heritage, dependability and stability, the phrase "Since 1768" is used as a guarantee, together with the logotype.

The results

The new brand concept has already delivered great results in brand awareness research carried out for Dina Försäkringar. In post-campaign testing, awareness of the brand as an insurance company has risen, even when the logo, sound and messaging are hidden.

  • +11 %
  • +66 %
    aided brand awarness
  • 47 %
    campaign recall (category benchmark 29%)
  • 49 %
    liking (category benchmark 46%)