About the project

From local dairy to market leader in northern Sweden

Norrmejerier is on a mission to create good conditions for viable milk production in Norrland. Since 2005, Emakina has helped Norrmejerier communicate their contribution to the northern community with the concept "Do good" – something that’s entrenched in everything the company does, from business strategy to packaging design.

The challenge

Owned by northern dairy farmers, Norrmejerier is all about cherishing the local, supporting the small-scale and embracing what is closest to the hearts of Norrlanders – namely Norrland. Facing increasing competition from brands forcing their way into the Norrland market, we constantly have to find ways to protect what is local and precious.

The solution

With the concept "Do good", we remind the people of Norrland why locally produced dairy products are wonderful things that contribute to open landscapes, shorter transports and a lot of jobs – in short, a vital Norrland. Since 2005, we recorded the world's first power ballad about lactose-free products – resulting in a +383 % increase in market share in the lactose-free category following the campaign.

We also created the world's longest milk art exhibition and launched a fine-dining restaurant with a delicious menu that tastes best with northern milk. But above all, we created 100% awareness!

The results

For over 15 years, Emakina has been a loyal partner to Norrmejerier, helping it remain the market leader in northern Sweden and a beloved staple for young and old.

  • 100
  • +383 %
    market share in the lactose-free category after the campaign