The Swedish Pensions Agency

About the project

Making your pension a feel-good thing

Pensions are important but understanding how they work can be a bit like maths homework. Since 2020, Emakina has been helping the Swedish Pensions Agency to make pensions more relevant and accessible to all Swedes. 

The challenge

Your pension is kind of a big deal – something that can determine the rest of your life. But why is it so overwhelming when that orange envelope arrives in the letter box each year? We had to find creative ways to make pension notices less intimidating and to encourage people to log on and see their forecasts.

Our solution

For the 2020 pension notice, we developed a campaign with the message that your pension is not as complicated as it may seem. With a few simple tips, you can understand it better and even make some adjustments. Simply put: a thumbs up from the Swedish Pensions Agency, free from finger-pointing and anxiety. We used colourful decision tree graphics on bus stops and infographics and videos on social media to educate people about pension calculations.

The results

The new approach not only got the attention of Swedes nationwide but also that of the media. With almost two-thirds of the population reached, over half of people who saw the campaign actually logged on to see their pension forecast. Mission accomplished!

  • 170
    Editorial news articles
  • 533K
    Earned media value
  • 53 %
    of those who saw the campaign logged in to see their pension forecast (which was the main objective of the campaign)
  • 57 %
    Reach of the Swedish population (OOH)