Collaborating with influencers to serve up a crunchier brunch experience

Lately, the much-loved crispbread has faced competition from easier-to-chew alternatives, like sourdough. So Wasa asked Emakina to create an influencer activation to remind Swedes of just how good crispbread is, when it comes to both texture and taste, and your health too.

The challenge

"If it's easy and convenient, it's probably bad for you. Based on that insight, our brief was to develop a shareable influencer campaign to connect healthy choices with hard crispbread. 

Our solution

In collaboration with Emmy and Evelina Hammelfelt, the sisters behind the popular foodie account Foodgeekz, we created a crispbread brunch menu. These menu ideas were presented at an exclusive pop-up restaurant in the shape of a giant crisp bread box on the top of the Hammarby ski slope in Stockholm, attended by specially invited guests and influencers. 

The goal of the event was to show that healthy and sustainable choices can also be delicious and fun — and to remind people of how fantastically versatile crispbread is when it comes to tasty toppings and creative snacks. Hosted by podcaster and ultrarunner, Clara Henry, and celebrity trainer, Mårten Nylén, the event challenged attendees to choose the ‘hard path’ to the top.  

The activity was promoted through a combination of earned and paid-for media, primarily in social media (Instagram and TikTok), with posts being shared by both hosts and attending guests. 

The results

Thanks to our creative collaboration with foodie influencers on this event, along with the online campaign and conversations that it inspired, Wasa enjoyed a huge uplift in exposure:

  • 10
    million impressions
  • 43,5 %
  • 200
    shared posts
  • 3 000 000
    SEK estimated market value