About BASE

Getting future ready, fast

The Belgian mobile leader reached out to Emakina for help on digitally innovating its offering using best-of-breed technology. We came on board as service provider for the entire project, covering ideation, implementation (front & back) and 24/7 support afterwards. Users delighted in the new user-friendly platforms and services. The upshot: help desk calls fell by 50%. 

Client BASE
Technology Adobe

The challenge

Our aim was to guide BASE through its digital innovation via a multitude of  intersecting projects to delight customers with continuously cutting-edge experiences. First, we wanted to help BASE respond quickly to the ever-growing expectations of users.

Next, we wanted to help BASE offer the best possible digital experience to all customers (B2C and B2B). To close the loop, we looked at how BASE could fully embrace and take advantage of new technologies and channels (mobile, social, etc.)

We needed to connect with a multitude of back-end systems, evaluating and introducing technologies and guiding internal adoption and sharing knowledge with the many BASE stakeholders.

Our solution

To ensure seamless implementation, we were the service provider for the entire project lifecycle, covering ideation, implementation (front & back) and 24/7 support afterwards.

The collaboration focused on the development of MyBASE (B2C and B2B). This spanned online e-services for all BASE brands, such as online top-up and postpaid saldo payment, consumption history, viewing invoices, managing automated payment, managing voicemail, managing data settings to managing third party services.

We helped BASE to obtain fully authorable BASE brand sites with product marketing and integrated customer care, SSO, self-care, e-sales and e-services for desktop and mobile devices. To increase ease for customers, we also created a Dealer Portal (used by Apple flagship store, BASE shops & dealers) to enable the bundling of tariff plans with device purchases.

The technology

By implementing the Adobe Experience Manager CMS (versions 5.6 to 6.5), Java 8 to 11, Spring, Springboot and Angular, we helped BASE become future-ready for its customers, with state-of-the-art technologies driving its digital evolution.

The result

In total, more than 600 projects have been successfully delivered. BASE receives high ratings from users for its level of service. The number of calls to the help desk have been reduced drastically by 50% as customers clearly benefit from user-friendly platforms and services.