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JoinTheForce.wyplay.com, Emakina invents Peer-to-Peer HR recruiting

Author: Luc Malcorps

To communicate with geeks is good, to smartly recruit them is better. Digital native agency Emakina started a tailor made viral HR campaign for Wyplay, to prove this point. Wyplay is a leader in software solutions for TV operators and the connected TV OS provider for SFR, Belgacom and Vodafone.

Wyplay’s corporate DNA is marked by the digital culture of its employees. So it was logical it wanted to adapt its recruiting process to attract the highly specialized profiles it needs. Emakina came aboard to imagine a viral campaign to truly touch its niche communities and invite them to join the force.



The Wyplay campaign will be promoted via forums, blogs and communities for geeks, gamers and developers. It shows the ideal candidate: a talented and resourceful geek who unwittingly holds the future in his hands and has “the force” with him.

Filled with references to science fiction and the geek universe, the site http://jointheforce.wyplay.com tests both the technical skills and the digital culture of the candidates. The clip says it all:





In addition, through smooth integration of the campaign on social networks, the interviews will be conducted live via video conferencing teams at Wyplay. The finalists will be invited to participate in a hackathon held in January with the Wyplay teams. Made famous by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, a hackathon is a contest between candidates to develop the best program. In new technology circles, this type of competition is sometimes used to reveal the best elements in a group of candidates.


Dominique Feral, managing director in charge of marketing Wyplay:

” We are looking for people who are passionate about new technology. In this domain, the length of a CV not necessarily reflects the skills of a candidate. In 5 years time, Wyplay has become a market reference in the TV operator market, by signing prestigious accounts such as SFR, Belgacom and Vodafone. We invent the future. But to be able to do that, we need to be accompanied by the best minds. So we must find the right profiles wherever they are. That’s what attracted us in the approach of Emakina. “



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