Emakina’s Awesome Wingsuit Totally Won Digital First 2015! (Video)

Author: Thomas Halter

This year’s edition of Digital First was a huge success: more than 4,000 digital enthusiasts and professionals attended the exceptional keynotes, listened to the expert speakers, chatted with the exhibitors and generally shared their digital passion, questions and solutions with each other. But one attraction in particular captured the attention of the amazed people who queued all day to have a go: Emakina’s Wingsuit. And nobody regretted waiting in line for this futuristic experience…

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Emakina’s Wingsuit offers a journey beyond the physical, augmented and virtual reality: discover the digital reality! Hop on our Wingsuit platform, put on our VR goggles and headphones, and experience the closest thing to flying while leaving your body safely on our device. All the participants’ reactions were variations on the same theme: “Whoa! This is incredible! This is the future!”

Check out the video below to have an idea of what it looks and feels like. WARNING: you will be very frustrated not being able to try it right away.

Digital First 2015 Wingsuit from Emakina on Vimeo.

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