Saint Nick AKA Santa Visits Emakina’s Brussels Office

Author: Luc Malcorps

The end of year is still some more days away, but it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Santas all over the world are preparing their sleighs to bring presents to all children who have been ‘good’.

But not everyone knows the modern Santa Claus grew out of traditions related to Saint Nicholas. This fourth-century bishop of Myra also appears in the German figure of the Christkind, British Father Christmas, and the Dutch Sinterklaas.

At Emakina in Brussels, his arrival is celebrated by colleagues and their children, during an unforgettable afternoon…

Saint Nicholas travels over the roofs on his white horse to bring gifts, together with his good friend ‘Black Pete’. Children love this story and look forward to the celebration for months.

Of course, traditions evolve… the trusted assistant has been transformed into ‘Soot Pete’. The dark smudges on his face are simply from climbing in and out of chimneys to deliver gifts to the little ones, while they’re asleep.

At Emakina, Saint Nicholas testified
that he witnessed up close the true joy
of parents and children alike on meeting him.

The wonder of a close encounter with the holy man, and spending quality time together with family and colleagues, brought real warmth and good cheer to all.

From all of us at Emakina,
our warmest wishes for Peace and Happiness
for the old and New Year!

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