inriver’s digital-first product information management (PIM) solution is the most comprehensive on the market today. Thriving in today’s digital world means delivering stellar customer experiences across every catalogue, marketplace, and touchpoint. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B, B2C, or both – all buyers want a personalised experience. Product information management (PIM) powers those experiences.inriver websiteEmakina’s partner page

No downtime, no software updates, just more revenue 

Easy to use, intuitive, and secure – inriver helps you increase sales, streamline product data syndication, and scale. inriver helps organisations to bring compelling product stories to life for highly customised purchases, get actionable guidance on what influences buying decisions, and then quickly adapt to put insights into action.  

Giving commerce the speed and efficiency to thrive 

inriver is foundation technology for omnichannel success. It sits at the heart of creating great e-commerce experiences today and in the future, empowering your buyer anyplace, anytime. With inriver, you can: 

Collect data: Provide one place for all your product data. 
Enhance data: Enrich your data, connect and attract. 
Distribute: Get your data to the right channels. 
Measure: Gain insights on where you data is and how it’s doing